Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations Program is a service provided by College Board. High school students may take college-level examinations each spring and, depending upon their scores, may be awarded college credit and/or advanced placement at participating colleges and universities. All NNPS students who take AP courses must take the corresponding AP test in order to earn the full weighted credit for the course.

Newport News Public Schools will pay for AP tests to be given to all students enrolled in appropriate courses. Advanced Placement Examinations are administered in May of each year. In June, the examinations are graded on a five-point scale: 5 = extremely well qualified; 4 = well qualified; 3 = qualified; 2 = possibly qualified; and 1 = no recommendation.

In July, the scores are sent to the students, their designated colleges, and their home schools. Colleges that participate in the Advanced Placement Examinations Program will then consider full or partial credit for scores of three or better. Students enrolled in an AP course must work at an AP level throughout the course and put forth their best effort on the tests to be successful.

The benefits of taking Advanced Placement courses include:

  • getting a head start on college-level work
  • improving writing skills and sharpening problem-solving techniques
  • developing the study habits necessary for tackling rigorous course work
  • studying subjects in greater depth and detail
  • the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at participating colleges and universities
Subject Course Year Typically Taken
Art AP Music Theory Sophomore
Art AP Studio Art: 2-D Design
English AP English Language & Composition Junior
English AP English Literature & Composition Senior
History & Social Science AP Human Geography Freshman
History & Social Science AP Psychology Junior/Senior
History & Social Science AP United States Government & Politics Senior
History & Social Science AP United States History Junior
History & Social Science AP World History Sophomore
Math & Computer Science AP Calculus AB Junior/Senior
Math & Computer Science AP Calculus BC Junior/Senior
Math & Computer Science AP Statistics Senior
Sciences AP Biology Sophomore
Sciences AP Chemistry Junior
Sciences AP Environmental Science Freshman
Sciences AP Physics 1 Junior/Senior
Sciences AP Physics 2 Junior/Senior
World Language & Culture AP French Language & Culture Senior
World Language & Culture AP German Language & Culture Senior
World Language & Culture AP Spanish Language & Culture Senior